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About Us

25 years of journey of Client success in IT Consulting & Enterprise Solution implementation & Services.

We was formed with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Business revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision:

Duroob technology has harnessed the power of the Internet to empower its clients, its customers' clients, and business partners to achieve maximum success. Our commitment, expertise and customer focus, It is today one of the fastest growing and most highly respected companies in the Middle East. We are proud to say that we are also regarded as a topflight leader in the field of AI & e-business services.

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IT Solution & Consultancy Company that predominantly provides IT Services in the following areas: Enterprise Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Application Development, ITIL Consultancy and System Data Centre & Security.

Our Solution Development acquires a certain amount of prestige, in the Middle East and African Regions. Sustaining a credibility of our products at a length of praise, Which is itself a Astounding achievement. Complexity, Tested Scenarios and Pre & Post-deployment support is our key Factors of being leading choice of IT industry.

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Elevate Your IT Infrastructure's Performance with Our Comprehensive IT Audit Services

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Digital Strategy

Navigating the Digital Landscape with Precision: Our Strategies, Your Triumph

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Implementation Services

Securing, Optimizing, and Innovating - Our IT Services Suite Covers ITSM, ITOM, AIOps, Automation, and Cybersecurity for Your Peace of Mind

Technology Solutions Shelf


To thrive in today's dynamic market landscape, embrace Business Agility with CA's proven approach. With CA's Agile Management solutions, including Broadom CA Clarity, Broadom Rally, and Broadom Frodrock, you'll not only adapt but also accelerate customer value, positioning your organization as a true agile business leader.


Optimize testing with AI-driven analysis of API test metrics during in-sprint reviews, improving efficiency and uncovering new opportunities. CA ATOMIC and CA BLAZE lead the way.


Continuous testing, integral throughout the software delivery cycle, automates test creation and execution, enabling rapid defect detection. It begins with automated test case design aligned with requirements, extends into development with virtualized environments and test data management, and maintains automated execution with feedback loops. CA's comprehensive solutions, including CA Identity Management, CA Strong Authentication, CA PAM, CA DLP, CA API Security, CA Mainframe Security, and CA Payment Security, support this agile testing approach


Draw on API test metrics in development and production as part of an in-sprint review. Streamline manual intervention through machine learning and artificial intelligence that make sense of the immense volume of test metrics for actionable insights. Consistently learn and focus on what needs to be tested. Identify gaps in test plans that help improve test efficiencies and uncover new requirements opportunities during backlog grooming.




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